Thursday, December 3, 2020

Is HTV the same as iron on vinyl

 Is HTV the same as iron on vinyl? The simple answer is YES.

Heat transfer vinyl, also known as iron on vinyl, T-shirt vinyl or HTV, is a special type of vinyl that can be adhered to fabric. Glitter vinyl is always popular. This is different from vinyl adhesive sheets and film, which are sticky from the beginning. The adhesive on the vinyl will be heated. This kind of vinyl comes in sheet, roll and package form. When you receive a vinyl, you will find it on the front and back. The front side is the shiny side-the gloss layer is the carrier sheet, which can be peeled off after ironing the item. The back is the matte side, which is the side that will be cut when creating the design. It is also a face with heat activated adhesive. If you are looking for a vinyl that can stick to glass, plastic, walls, and other objects, check the adhesive vinyl.


No matter what you are creating, be sure to always measure the design before cutting it. You can solder the iron on anything that will not melt! For starters, custom T-shirts, koozys, baby onesies, blankets, pillow cases, handbags, dish towels, endless possibilities! HTV is most suitable for cotton, polyester or cotton/polyester blends. Other synthetic fabrics (such as acrylic fibers) will not work properly because they will melt under the heat of the iron. For more advanced craftsmen, you can apply HTV to cups, baseball caps, footballs and even wood! Check htv vinyl rolls here!


If you want to wait for the ironing project, plan to give you the ironing applique as a gift, or if you plan to travel with it, I suggest that you do not weed the weeds before you are ready to iron. If you want to give your decal as a gift and want to weed it first, please continue to roll it up with a polytetrafluoroethylene sheet to protect the adhesive background. Then you can tie it up with a bow and you are ready to go!


Depending on the type of heat transfer vinyl you use, iron on vinyl will last longer than the T-shirt itself! Always remember to turn over the inside of the clothes and wash them with cold water. If you accidentally forget to perform any operation, your project can be cleaned up to 6 times. If this happens and your vinyl starts to foam and wrinkle, try ironing it again to make it smooth. Never throw any HTV in the dryer!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Wedding Dress

Before marriage, you chose the astronomical sphere ring. Just like choosing a wedding ring, choosing a wedding dress is also important. Think about these before going to a bridal store with all the saved photos and the energy of countless wedding dresses. For example, should you bring some people together? Here are 5 things to know before choosing a wedding dress.

1. Accompanying person

There is no need to decide with a large number of people on the wedding dress. You can invite a few closest friends or family members to help you search together. In this way, you will find the dress that best suits your style without having to be bothered by too many opinions.

2. Consider hidden costs

Remember that your wedding budget includes more than just dresses. Your veil or headdress, accessories or shoes, underwear and embellishments can even increase your bottom line. Consider these costs before providing your sales staff with a final sales budget.

3. Underwear is optional

There are several different types of bras in the fitting rooms of most bridal shops. When you like the strapless style or plan to wear a special style, keep making it.

4. Bridal shops usually accept requests

The bridal store has the designer of your choice, which does not mean that it can have the wedding dress you have always wanted to try on. However, if you call in advance to ask for a certain style, your consultant may customize a sample of your dress for you.

5. Give your body

When trying on clothes, pay less attention to body weight and more attention to body shape. Your weight may fluctuate, especially under stressful conditions, so don't make this a decisive aspect when choosing clothes. Focus on finding outlines that highlight the features you like and make you feel good.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

What to do After the Proposal

You asked her to use an engagement ring Philippines and the answer is yes. You are now a "fiance" and not a "boyfriend". Pop culture tells us that wedding planning may be the dream of all little girls, and that whenever you two stand out from the excitement of the proposal, the plan begins. There are many things to do and many questions to answer.

1. Set the date. This is probably the most critical aspect to determine first, because what comes next is susceptible to your choices.

2. Find a wedding place. Do you both live in your hometown? Where is your wedding There are also options for destination weddings.

3. Who pays the bill? The bride's parents pay for the wedding, and the groom's parents continue to attend the wedding banquet, although newlyweds and parents will bear more and more.

Final details should be processed approximately 30 days (or longer) before you get married. These include:

1. Reserve a band or DJ reservation.

2. Arrange a honeymoon trip.

3. Set aside time to choose a wedding ring with your fiancee.

4. Buy or rent your clothes and do the same with the best man.

5. Coordinate with groomsmen in clothing, accessories, bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners, and logistic on the wedding day.

6. Buy gifts for many people attending a wedding.

7. The person presiding over the ceremony.

You may find that you may want to do other projects, but this is the basis. Don't be too nervous, enjoy the process. Regarding wedding rings, you can buy a matching wedding ring Philippines to witness your marriage and love.

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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Ways You Can Save Money For Bridesmaids

Your other half proposes to you with the wedding ring Philippines and you will get married soon. If you invite your sisters to be bridesmaids for a wedding, they know that they have to provide much more than they think, and this is undoubtedly one of their biggest concerns. Find ways to really save them money, or simply save some money. Starting from the list below, it's easy to cut costs for bridesmaids.

1. Bridesmaid dress

It may be tempting to choose a bridesmaid that you really like and always imagine the specific dress style and brand that the bridesmaid will wear, but you can save a lot of money here, you can choose one color or several colors and ask the bridesmaids to choose their current Dresses that meet these specifications. If they don't have the right clothes, encourage them to borrow a dress from a friend or suggest that they go to a cheaper store.

2. Pay for hair and makeup for them

At the last minute of the wedding, your bridesmaids may have to pay for their own hairstyles and makeup. But you can ask them to do their own makeup or you can help them and thank them for their role as bridesmaids at the wedding.

3. Don't be single travel party

If you're spending money on your bridesmaids, don't plan a careful bachelor party or spend a lot of money on air tickets and hotels. Instead, take action locally. You can still attend unforgettable bachelor parties with your sisters.

4. No longer need formal wedding gifts

When the wedding is approaching, the bridesmaids will spend a lot of money on different expenses. Don't make them feel like they have to invest a lot of money to get a wedding gift, let them know in advance that you appreciate everything they do. You truly believe that all of these are the most effective and unique.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Don't Forget These Things at the Wedding

For some time before your wedding, you may not forget anything important. Of course, there are many things you can do to ensure that every detail is as flawless as you think. Note what is easy to forget, and that is to keep everything consistent. However, we will find that when we performed the wedding, we did not forget the important wedding ring Philippines, nor did we forget the necessary bouquet. So here is a list of things we must remember before a good day! Don't forget these important things:

1. Don't forget the flower basket and bouquet

Usually, the petals are forgotten and remain beautifully in the vase. To make matters worse, the bouquet could fall on the trunk of a taxi, which is usually a big problem. Don't forget to carry your bouquet at all times.

2. Don't forget important rings

This is probably the easiest item to forget, so check them out on your wedding day. Find a reliable person to keep your ring safe and prevent forgetting.

3. Don't forget the groom's tie

We have seen many grooms leave their ties at home and have no time to go back and accept it. This is a potential mistake. When you put on a suit, wear a tie, which means you won't forget it.

4. Don't forget to assign tasks

Choose a few friends and family members to accomplish many tasks and don't be afraid to cause trouble for your trusted relatives. If there are decorations, flowers or anything else that needs to be delivered in the morning to end the evening ceremony, then you may forget something to take home: unfinished wedding cake, gifts, guest registration, photographic equipment, etiquette Props, bouquets, clothes and more, leave the job to someone you can trust to get it done on time.

With all the details arranged, the wedding went well. Following these tips, you will hopefully avoid encountering any obstacles throughout the night, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

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Monday, December 16, 2019

What You Need to Know About Holiday Weekend Weddings

You use the engagement ring Philippines to propose to your partner, and once you have determined your proposal, you start to develop a marriage plan. During this time, determining your wedding date is a top priority on the list. Weekends of the week are the most popular wedding time, but wedding etiquette on holiday weekends can often be stressful and confusing for newcomers. Whether it's an unexpected membership fee or a limited supplier, there are many other things to consider besides the extended weekend you and your guests will get.

1. Prepare for price increases

As in other cases, wedding expenses are usually determined by supply and demand. On demanding wedding weekends, prices at venues or vendors may increase significantly due to popularity. When considering a weekend wedding, it's important to consider that you and your guests can save on airfare and accommodation. Booking your hotel in advance may be the best way to lock in your prices and ensure that all people who are delayed have a place to stay.

2. Book the ideal supplier in advance

Whether you're a photographer, you've been spending time online, or can't imagine a floral designer without a wedding day, if you choose a well-known holiday weekend date, make sure your vendor is always available. It's clearly worthwhile to register quickly with your favorite vendor, as these popular dates usually make reservations months (or even a year) in advance.

3. Consider passenger flow

If you plan to hold your weekend holiday in time at 5pm on Friday, you may need to reconsider. Especially if your wedding venue happens to be always a popular destination for tourists. Pay attention to these passenger flows, follow the wedding ceremony on holiday weekends, and give your guests enough time to arrive.

4. Prepare for an unforgettable celebration

A long weekend means that your guests have one (or two) more days to rejuvenate from the celebration, and you have more freedom to plan some extra activities, such as pre- or post-wedding brunch, A barbecue or dinner extends the celebration to the entire weekend, not just a day.

Although there are advantages and disadvantages to vacation weekends, you can wear titanium rings for each other to add unforgettable memories to your unique wedding.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Most Popular Wedding Month for Couples

When considering a wedding date, it is best to choose a wedding in the most commonly used wedding month. As these months are usually known for mild weather, it will be more romantic to wear the wedding ring Philippines on your hands during mild weather. And they are not the most popular travel season, so booking travel and accommodation may be easier for guests. So, what are the most popular wedding months?

1. Spring is a natural and romantic season

Couples like May flowers more than showers in April! May is undoubtedly one of the most popular wedding months. Because of the warm weather and the feeling of rebirth and renewal brought by spring, it is a good choice for weddings. Perhaps the so-called "wedding season" will also begin and last until October. Wedding venues and vendors are the most used this season.

2. August is a good time to spend your holidays

For students or educated people, at this moment of the season, your guests may be more inclined to flee any office and go to your wedding venue. Although this is one of the hottest months of the season, the end of August does mark the beginning of the East Coast hurricane season, so holding an August wedding in the area is especially styled.

3. October is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used wedding months

Whether you are hosting a fall-themed wedding, there are plenty of places to love at this moment of the season-fresh air, cozy atmosphere, discolored leaves and fresh fruit. Therefore, October is the most sought after month of marriage.

January is the month with the fewest marriages. In some parts of the United States, outdoor weddings in January are not suitable due to cold weather and snowfall, so couples generally avoid winter weddings. Maybe you can choose the couple rings Philippines that suits you this time.

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